100 Words - Is This The End?

Dearest readers, and 100 Words crew, it has been a long time. I'm sure you've all been wondering if 100 Words would ever return, or why things went silent. 

Last Fall I found myself with a new array of responsibilities, and when it came time to write the 100 Words post, I couldn't summon the energy for it. I kept waiting for inspiration to return, but a month went by and still nothing. 

And then another month. 

And another.

[Little Man fell asleep waiting.]

When the New Year turned over, I realized that I was still very much interested in continuing with Velvet Verbosity, but in a very new direction - the seeds of which were planted a little over a year ago. That's where my heart is now, and where my energy and focus want to turn. 

And I'll tell you more about that in a minute. 

First, before you take all this to mean this is the end of the 100 Words Challenge, I want to introduce you to the new keeper of #100words - Tara over at Thin Spiral Notebook!

When I thought about who I would want to take over the care and keeping of the 100 Words Challenge, Tara was the first person to come to mind. She has been a long-time contributor to the challenge, she's dedicated to her writing and photography, she maintains a beautiful blog, and she's familiar with the community and many of you already know her. 

I'm thrilled that she said yes! Thank you Tara for keeping this tradition alive. 

After being the keeper of 100 Words for so many years, I couldn't just let it pass out of existence.

So what lies ahead for Velvet Verbosity? 

Literary Lifestyle. 

The aesthetic pleasures of the book, of reading, of writing.

The people, places, and things that enhance the pleasures of living with books, reading, and writing. 

I'll bring you along with me on literary travels to bookish places, share the beauty of the reading experience, and introduce you to new, delicious accessories and treats.

I'll also continue hunting down literary treasures to fill the Etsy shop (like the vintage deer bookends above). 

And soon, very soon, the very first original Velvet Verbosity product will be launched. 

Well, it may not be a "product" in the way you're thinking. It's...you'll see. You'll see. Some of you might even remember me talking about it a while back. I'm so excited to finally get this project moving! 

In the meantime, come find me on Instagram where the fun has already started, and if you want to follow along on this new part of the journey, sign up below.

**I'll be retiring the 100 Words email list in a couple of weeks once I've notified everyone, so you won't be getting emails from me unless you sign up to the new list.**