100 Words #416 - Gently Mad

Sometimes you know yourself before you know yourself.  This past week, in a somewhat desperate hunt for my passport, I went through some boxes that were in storage. 

In a box of books, I found a copy of Among the Gently Mad: Strategies and Perspectives for the Book Hunter in the Twenty-First Century by Nicholas Basbanes. I don't remember buying this book, but I must have. I know I didn't read it when I did buy it, and so can only conclude that I bought it well before my recent foray into the book collecting and selling business. However it came into my hands, I'm enjoying it now.

Among the Gently Mad Nicholas Basbanes

Some part of me knew the future I was building toward before I consciously knew it. 

Writing is like that. Sometimes you know exactly what you want to write and how it will end before you sit down, but often you have no idea what will happen. Yet, some part of you does. You just channel it. 

Speaking of writing, I have a list the length of my arm of things I need to get down on paper (or into the computer). Not enough hours in the day, blah blah blah. How long is your list? Tell me in comments, and then maybe one of them will line up with this week's prompt, which is: