100 Words #414 - Writers are Great Lovers

In Writing Down the Bones, Natalie Goldberg says, "Writers are great lovers". 

Natalie Goldberg Quote

She is, specifically, speaking about the interweaving of reading and writing - of how a writer reads, and uses what they love to inform their own writing. 

"They fall in love with other writers. That's how they learn to write. They take on a writer, read everything by him or her, read it over again until they understand how the writer moves, pauses, and sees. That's what being a lover is: stepping out of yourself, stepping into someone else's skin. Your ability to love another's writing means those capabilities are awakened in you. It will only make you bigger; it won't make you a copy cat. The parts of another's writing that are natural to you will become you, and you will use some of those moves when you write."

Who are your favorite writers? Who do you draw inspiration of style from? 

Your word for the #100words prompt this week from Writing Down the Bones, is: 

100 Words #414