100 Words #394 - Quest

Busy day herding cats (literally) and then having my first go at an official Instagram sale (last week I was posting to Instagram but re-routing folks to Etsy). It was a lesson in failure - or partial failure. There were likes and comments and new folks following, but not a sale. A bit of a drag since I'm determined to shift to full time Literary Lifestyle.

Speaking of, I believe I mentioned a little while back my quest to visit all the bookstores in Vermont. It's slowly starting. I made my first official visit  to one of the oldest antiquarian shops in Woodstock, VT several weeks back but haven't had time to do proper photo editing and put together my thoughts. Yesterday I finished the list. There are 90 independent bookstores in Vermont. 

It's my Fall project to see how many I can visit before the snow flies. Vermont is a smallish state, but not the smallest, and much of the terrain is back roads over mountains.  

Here's a little sneak peak at the Woodstock shop. 

Pleasant Street Book Store Woodstock VT

A little of what I'm up to. Speaking of quests...

Word prompt for 9/8 - 9/13