100 Words #395

It was a clear, beautiful day here in New England. I had some errands around town so I made a day of it and visited some local antique shops and went book shopping. 

Rose Teacup
Vintage Typewriter
Stack of Books

I bought the teacup. I did not buy the typewriter. I bought the books. An old dictionary found at Goodwill to be reborn as butterflies and birds, a gift for an Instagram fan, and two books for me. Neuromancer has been on my to-read list for a while, and of course Neil Gaiman. Incidentally, I'm quite smitten with the cover art of the William Morrow publishing editions. I might have to get them all.

Your word this week is from a short story in Fragile Things by Neil Gaiman, called The Facts in the Case.  

"She wore a black leather cap, and a black leather coat, and had black, black hair, pulled tightly back into a small bun, done up with a pottery tie. She wore makeup, expertly applied to give an impression of severity that a professional dominatrix might have envied. Her lips were tight together, and she glared at the world through a pair of definite black-rimmed spectacles--they punctuated her face much too definitely to ever be mere glasses." 

The word is: