100 Words #386 - Summer Bookishness

Summer is in full swing, and life seems accordingly busy in that particular way of summer. Activities, events, much to do on the outside of the house and in the garden.

I love the full buzz of summer - the long days, the various travels, the cheerful methods of keeping cool. But I already look forward to the curling in Autumn will bring. In the meantime, I satisfy a slower, more sensuous nature with art, reading, and the treasure hunt for beautiful old bookish things. 

All the more delightful when I get to send them off. I cherish sending things through the Post. Carefully packaging, writing a note, imagining the delight when the package arrives and is opened. 

Most recently, a beautiful vintage copy of The Russian Ballet by Ellen Terry, sets of my altered book-page bird and butterfly confetti, and one dear brass armadillo paperweight claimed by a poet and friend before it could make an appearance on Etsy

The Russian Ballet Illustrated
Literary LIfestyle
Post Office Packages

In other bookish life news, these books are currently on my bookshelf. 

2014-06-25 20.06.34.jpg

Other than the Joan Didion, and the two children's books on the bottom (for illustration inspiration), these were recommendations by various friends when I asked for books in the "magical realism" genre. I'm looking to recapture the emotional aura of reading Ocean at the End of the Lane last summer. So far I've read Garden Spells, which was decent, but didn't come close to the same resonance. I'm hopeful about Winter's Tale after reading last night that Neil Gaiman himself highly recommends both the book and movie

Speaking of Winter's Tale, let me crack it open right now and choose a word for this week's challenge. 

Your word this week is: 


Happy writing!