100 Words #384 - Literary Lifestyle in Northampton, MA

Visited my old stomping grounds in Northampton this past weekend. 

Webster's Dictionary 1956
Antique Typewriter Northampton
Quill and Fox Notebook Journal
Wrapping Paper Northampton
Raven Used Books Northampton
Raven Used Bookstore Northampton
Raven Bookstore Northampton MA
Vintage Bike Northampton

1. 1956 Webster's dictionary found at a tag sale. No, I didn't get it. Too big to pack in my suitcase. 

Found at Essentials of Northampton (in my list of top 10 favorite stores): 2. Antique typewriter. 3. Gorgeously illustrated notebook by Quill & Fox. 4. Rack of wrapping paper. I found the dog print reminiscent of some of The New Yorker illustrations.

Found at Raven Used Books (bookstores in Northampton are still going strong): 5. Raven screen printed tote bag. 6. Bookshelf overflow. 7. Books upon books upon books. 

8. Nothing to do with anything else, but hello banana seat! 


Not pictured, I did snag a hardcover copy of Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn at the tag sale. Superb writing! From the book, your word this week is: