Vintage Brass Armadillo Paperweight

I found this vintage armadillo paperweight over the winter and intended to put it in the store, but I kept hesitating. For a while he lived on my nightstand amidst whatever books I was reading. Then I started taking pictures of him. 

Vintage Brass Armadillo
Brass Armadillo Paper Weight

In my head I continuously thought of him as a hedgehog, knowing that to be wrong, but unable to shake the label. 

Vintage Brass Paper Weight
Brass Armadillo

I didn't name him, but I did start imagining a traveling gnome life for him.  After posting a picture on Facebook, a poet friend in TX asked me to send it to her - she's writing a poem called "Armadillo".  Perhaps I should tell her he's meant to travel, and she ought to tuck him into her suitcase when she goes off to read poetry - take his photo in Vegas, New York, Connecticut, San Francisco, etc. 

Armadillo Dict2.JPG
Vintage Brass Paperweight