100 Words #383

It's been a rough couple of weeks at the Velvet Verbosity homestead. An unexpected death in the family stopped us all cold in our tracks. Amidst the grieving and comforting, I also picked up a virus that laid me out flat for close to a week. Hence my absence last week.

Like a foot falling through the air where you thought a stair would be. Yes, it's been like that - shock and bewilderment. It has also been terrifically sad for some of my family, and that grief carries shockwaves rippling to and from. 

And yet, life paces forward. The grief, the shock, the bewilderment, simply must come along for the ride, getting processed, digested, in small bits even as the eggs pass our lips, the coffee slides down, the toast shivers into crumbs between our teeth. 

There is no cheerful way to transition to the writing challenge, but don't let yourselves feel too heavy over this. This is life. It's ok. 

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