100 Words #377 - Admin and Jazz

Welcome back word-nerds. I've only got a moment before being sucked back into the vortex of the second largest floral holiday of the year - Mother's Day. (PSA - order your flowers early...it makes life so much easier for everyone.)

So just three quick things. 

1. Coming Soon - Last week I used Google Maps to locate every independent Vermont bookstore, and yes, I plan to visit every one of them over the coming weeks. Along with famous author sites, and who knows, maybe some interviews. A literary road trip. Stay tuned for notes from the road!

2. Shout out - to Barbara PurpleMoose who sent me a copy of The Book Thief, and a surprise book from Anne Lamott. Pretty swell to find packages in the mailbox, especially when it's full of books! Thanks m'dear, you made my day, and you have officially started the Velvet Verbosity Readers Library. ;)

3. Welcome - to all the newcomers who found their way to the challenge last week! Fun, isn't it If you're new to the challenge, I would love for you to introduce yourself in comments. 

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This week's prompt, from Help, Thanks, Wow