100 Words #379 - The Book Thief

From around the web, a collection of things inspired by The Book Thief, which I'm just finishing up. 

The book is so plump with Magical Realism that it seemed it would be easy to gather a treasury of items on Etsy, but once you step away from the book, you realize how sparse and gloomy the landscape actually is. They had so little of anything. Still, there were symbols and themes that stuck out, like the train, death, the giving and receiving of bread, the snowman in the basement, Rudy's lemon colored hair, Papa's accordian, etc.

Among my favorite finds was this Grim Reaper cologne oil, described as "Forest damp earth, graveyard scented". I'm tempted to buy it just to see what a graveyard smells like when translated to a perfume scent.

And these vintage German flash cards, which look nothing like the hand-drawn flash cards Papa makes for Liesel, but I'm a sucker for beautiful typeface in any language. 

That pea soup. That awful pea soup they had to eat every day. It was so painful to read, at times I wanted to reach into the pages with something fragrant and delicious to offer. Or at least a more palatable version of the same. Only Martha could make pea soup look so luxurious (click image for full recipe). Imagine this showing up on the table. Liesel and Papa would think they had died and gone to Heaven.

100 Words #379

Your word this week comes from the last page of The Book Thief: 


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