100 Words #373 - National Poetry Month

"Instructions to live a life; pay attention, be astonished, tell about it." ~Mary Oliver

Mary Oliver Quote

These words from the poet Mary Oliver work equally as well as instructions for writing, but then, we are all of us storytellers, and perhaps that is what she means. Writer or not, let life astonish you, and then tell about it. 

April is National Poetry Month. It was established in 1996 by the Academy of American Poets, and is meant to celebrate the importance of poetry in our culture. 

Aside from writing poetry, reading poetry, and attending local reading events, here are a few other ways to be involved.


Poem in Your Pocket: Thursday, April 24th, is a day to carry a poem in your pocket and share it with others in person and on Twitter with the hashtag #pocketpoem. More here.


Get free poetry archive issues from poetryfoundation.org for your book reading group or other related organization. Sign up here




30 more ideas to celebrate and share poetry from Poets.org. My favorites: "Write a letter to a poet", "put a poem on pavement", and "watch a poetry movie". Find the rest here.

And follow these 38 talented poets on Twitter as curated by Social Media giant Mashable. 

Share in comments anything else you're participating in to celebrate NPM! 

On another note: 


Dawn of Lingering Visions won the drawing from last week to receive a literary gift box! 



This week's prompt for 100 Words is from Mary Oliver's poem, The Journey