100 Words #398 - Dorrie and the Blue Witch

"I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers." ~ L.M. Montgomery. 

Or in my case, a Vermont where there are Octobers. The leaves are at peak in Northern Vermont, though a crisp wind tonight will see more leaves underfoot than on trees by morning.

Over the weekend I missed a literary festival in Southern Vermont to spend time with family for celebrations and to drive around gawking at the color. There was apple picking, a beer and (coffee) bean fest, brunch, and this.

Vermont Autumn 2014

The moon tonight is low and near full, and a frosty dew is settling over the yard. The season for folding in. The season for harvest festivals and treasure hunting.

Dorrie and the blue witch

I discovered this vintage Dorrie the Witch book at a harvest festival in a nearby town. Dorrie was a favorite of mine as a child - the delightful illustrations, the mischief, and of course Gink - but the books are no longer in print. I've set to work collecting all the hardcovers, but this one is a paperback so this gem will be showing up in the Etsy shop soon.

Writing Prompt

Your word this week is brought to you from Dorrie and the Blue Witch: 




WAIT! Before you run off to craft your response, I've got a fun announcement. Earlier this week I interviewed the Australian LillyTales about her bookish business, and she's offered a giveaway. I was going to announce a winner tonight, but with all the family events I didn't get a chance to get the word out to all of you, so I'm extending the giveaway until NEXT Monday. Go check out the interview and the details of the giveaway here.

Happy writing!