100 Words #400 - Vintage Halloween

Time to break out the vintage Halloween reading. I recently found this gem from 1924 in my treasure hunting. 

Vintage Halloween - Little Folks Magazine October 1924
Princess Dearie and the Witch of the Woods

Your word this week is from Princess Dearie and the Witch of the Woods: 

"Everything would have seemed perfect if it hadn't been for the dreadful old Witch-of-the-woods who lived right on the edge of the town where the town and the country met. She had an ugly old staff that she carried around with her and if she didn't like the way the children behaved, she would wave that old stick over their heads and mumble some curious words to herself. None of the children could ever understand exactly what the magic words were, but they always wound up with "turn into" just any sort of creature the old Witch-of-the-woods wanted to make them." 

100 Words Prompt October 20 2014

The prompt is: 


Happy writing!