100 Words #399 - Fragile Things

Fully immersed in a beautiful Vermont October and words. 

Vermont Artisan Tea
Vintage Grimm's Fairy Tales
Gashleycrumb Tinies Edward Gorey
Vintage Salem Witch Trials

Vermont raw honey from Northwoods Apiaries and darjeeling tea from the Vermont Artisan Tea & Coffee company are my new Autumn crack. Happy mail from Wolfgang Vintage. An evening read of the creepy-whimsical Edward Gorey (poor Neville) in the spirit of the season. An 1839 edition of The New York Mirror: A Weekly Journal Devoted to Literature and the Fine Arts, featuring a series on the Salem Witch Trials.

Currently reading Fragile Things by Neil Gaiman, modern master of creeperie. 

"The old house had been a treasure trove of strange things: lumps of glittering marble and glass bulbs filled with liquid mercury, doors that opened onto brick walls; mysterious toys; things old and things forgotten. 

My own house--a Victorian brick edifice, in the middle of America--is, I am told, haunted. There are few people who will spend the night here alone anymore--my assistant tells of her nights on her own here: of the porcelain jester music box that spontaneously began to play in the night, of her utter conviction that someone was watching her. Other people have complained of similar things, following nights alone." 

Velvet Verbosity Writing Prompt

Your word prompt this week, from Fragile Things, is:


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