100 Words #355 - Oh Time

100 Word Challenge writing promptIt is amazing what losing 5 and 1/2 hours can do to your week. On Monday I was scheduled to take the train back to Northern Vermont after visiting my daughter for the weekend. I've taken the train several times, as has my son, and it's always on time and the wi-fi always works (except through Randolph, because valley I guess).

Not so this time. The train was two hours late. I heard stories of a truck stuck on the tracks and another of a fire on the tracks started by sparks on dead leaves. I can't tell you which is the truth.

The five of us waiting on the train sat in a fluorescent-lit waiting room the size of a decent bathroom. With a claw-foot tub, a commode, and double-sink you'd have enough room to twirl in the middle. I ate a PayDay for dinner and silently prayed for no further delays. I'd be getting home after 11:00 at this point.

Later, on the train, my plans to post the 100 words prompt as well as get some other work done were thwarted by both pleasantries and frustrations. My seat neighbor wasted no time in introducing herself and telling me about her rather fascinating life, and asking all about mine. We swapped stories, shared our art, and otherwise had a delightful time. She blew me a kiss before departing.

At some point I let her know that I had to some work, even though I was enjoying the conversation, and then spent the next 40 minutes trying to get the wi-fi to work with no luck. I gave up, I had no choice, but knew I was going to be in trouble the next day prepping for a class I was teaching.

Indeed, next day I was up at 6:30 a.m. and was out straight until 9:30 p.m. at which time I was so tired I couldn't move my mouth to speak, much less type a blog post (I forgot to mention I was running all that day on 3.5 hours of sleep).

Ah, me. Time is the one thing we can never get more of.

Tomorrow I'm off to Florida for two weeks to help out my father who just had back surgery. I won't spend much time on the beach, but inspired by the topic of this post, your word this week, word-nerds, is:


Oh, and p.s. I gave you til Sunday at midnight on this one. ;)