100 Words #354

I woke this morning to the scent of snow on the air. It's still holding out, but the weather says we'll get a couple of inches tonight. It brought to mind the childhood magic of waking to snow, not being privy to weather forecasts. Going to sleep the night before with cold, hard ground, and waking up to the brightness and quiet of a heavy snow.

I'm insufferably nostalgic, I know.

Over the weekend I accompanied my mother to a local craft show to sit with her at her tables. It was a slow day, so I spent the time sketching and painting.

Altered book pages, birds, sketch

Altered book pages, watercolor

In other news, I've also decided to take a hiatus from the Internet. Other than this blog, another writing site, and the client social media I manage, I'm taking time away from the wondrous World Wide Web. My intention is to focus more on writing letters, writing for myself, reading, and, well, doing what the tagline of this blog says, "cultivating a literary and artful life".  Ironically, this may mean I post more. By hiatus, I mean a hiatus from the consumption of information.

This week's word, from one of the vintage dictionary birds:

Bird cut from antique dictionary


See you soon word-nerds.