100 Words #350

Warm weather but the leaves are turning anyway. On Saturday I played substitute photographer for strangers - a 50th wedding anniversary. The non-professional photographer they had lined up cancelled the day before, and my mother happened to be in the right place at the right time.  I was volunteered.

Despite my adamant warnings that I had no professional experience, lacked all the proper equipment, the woman in charge was happy to have me. Or perhaps relieved is a better word. To compensate for my lack of experience I took 1200 photos in 5 hours. Most of them blurry due to the low light conditions, the subject matter on the dance floor, and my lack of proper lighting equipment.

But then there's always that sweet little cherub who stands perfectly still. Thank you sweet child, you saved the day.



Later there was apple picking - that time honored Vermont tradition.

VV Apple Picking

Next up, planning for the all important Halloween decorations. I may need an intervention. This will be the first year I can remember that I'm living somewhere that gets trick-or-treaters.

Your word this week, word-nerds, is from "All the President's Men". I'm not reading it, no, but it was the closest book near me. The cover sports Dustin Hoffman and Robert Redford. In black and white.


Go forth and write my dear word-nerdlings. I'll catch up with you soon.