100 Words #348 - Hitting Reset

100 Word Challenge writing promptTwo days spent carving out a work/living space for myself in my new/temporary home, and today discovered that the café in town feels like a slice of the home town I left - local, organic, eclectic, and I was pleasantly surprised to learn they offer wireless. Only two tables in the joint, but in my head I choose the window corner to work a few days a week on copywriting, chatting over the counter with the owners during refills.

Really, I'm thrilled more than I should be about this café. A head cold at the end of last week has set me behind in work. I don't like being behind. It makes me panicky and anxious. I'm countering these feelings by, what else, being productive now that I feel better. Having found a place where I can work, besides the sunny little spot I created for myself, means more productivity. It's easier to work long hours when you can switch up the monotony. Plus I'm one of those people who works better with background noise I don't need to pay attention to.

Flying Disc

(I stole this photo off their Facebook page. A winter shot, but I liked this one best of the outside.)

I still ache for the place and people I left behind, and especially my cat, mostly because I hear reports she's taken to living in the basement and isn't her usual, perky self. I'd like to bring her here, but there are already cats and I can't decide which situation is more traumatic for her. Also, I don't want her to get used to being an indoor/outdoor cat as I plan to land in the city soon and can't stomach the thought of her longing to be outdoors again.

So I carry on, putting the pieces together of a new life - new people and new places and new spaces to love, like this one.


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