100 Words #340 - The Best Writing Prompt in Town

100 Word Challenge writing promptRight off the bat, welcome to all the newcomers this past week to the 100 Word Challenge. Where'd y'all come from?

Second, if I haven't left a comment on your post yet it's because last week right up to now has been kicking my butt. My partner (McShirty for those who remember VV in the early days) got hip replacement surgery last week and I've been on nurse and gopher duty round the clock post-op.

Hip replacement. As in opening the body, cutting the bone, and screwing on some new parts. Boggles the mind as much as it throws a household schedule into a blender and then tosses it in the air. But let me say that it's about time. McShirty's been in pain since I've met him 7 years ago. That's what a shallow hip socket from a childhood injury, and years of martial arts kicking will do.

I digress. The point is, I'm so glad you're all still here, and tickled to see newcomers, and can't wait to get around to all your posts just as soon as things settle down even a little bit over here. I actually had some breathing room today so that should be soon. The word this week is again from Neil Gaiman's new book, The Ocean at the End of the Lane. Please, do yourself a favor and get this book right away if you haven't already. Neil Gaiman has a way of transporting you into memories that feel like your own. The word is:


Also, if anyone wants to airmail me a margarita, I won't complain. You can do that, right?