100 Words #333

100 Word Challenge writing promptThis is the 333rd 100 words prompt. Or so the title says, but for any of you who have been around long enough you know that I only recently decided to start numbering the prompt posts. Since I didn't have an exact number I started with an estimated number. So this MAY or may NOT be the 333rd 100 words prompt.

While we're on admin things, I wanted to throw out a few reminders about the rules of play around here.

  1. If you're using blogger and you have restrictions on your commenting (especially with the whole Google+ thingie), you may get fewer comments. I don't have a Google profile except what is connected to my personal profile and I prefer not to use it for this. It's not like I need to keep the secret, so much as it just gets confusing. 
  2. If you submit a 100 words post, please be kind and link back so your readers know where to find the prompt.
  3. This humble little challenge has become a community in my eyes, so remember to make the rounds and visit all the entries and at least say "hello" in comments to let people know you're reading. Since the challenge closes at midnight on Saturday, Sunday or Monday are a good time to make sure you've visited everyone.
  4. Though I strive to get the new prompt up each week before midnight on Monday, if you want to receive notification there are a few ways to follow.  In order of reliable activity - Velvet Verbosity on Facebook (set control settings to see all posts from this page if you want to be sure not to miss it - don't worry, my frequency is not clogworthy), Google+ Page (getting more frequent than twitter, but I do need some more of my crew over there letting me know it's worth the effort), Twitter, and I'm also on Instagram (ALL THE CATS!) and Pinterest (which my daughter described this way; "it's like taking acid you found in your grandpa's attic") but the two latter won't give you announcements about posting, just another way to stalk connect with me.
  5. There is no number 5. Not yet. If you feel something should go here, let me know in comments.

Not very exciting for a 333rd post, but there you have it. I'm currently reading a translation of  Aristotle's Poetics. Why? Because I live with a former literature major, that's why. Here's your word:


See ya around word-nerds. <3