100 Words Prompt #331

100 Word Challenge writing promptI fell asleep in a chair last night. I don't fall asleep in chairs, with the television on, with my head resting in an awkward position that will leave me with a crick in the neck. I haven't fallen asleep in a chair since I was a toddler (toddlers will sleep anywhere).

Clearly I was exhausted.

That's why this post is late. I sat down in a chair to watch a show and unwind before writing the weekly prompt post, and then next thing I knew it was 2:00 a.m. when I was woken by something. I dragged myself to bed, dazed and horrified (well, as horrified as one can be when semi-comatose).

That explains me. What happened to you guys last week? Only 7 entries? Was the added challenge too much? Did you start with good intentions and crash and burn in a procrastination train-wreck? Or were you simply drunk on the smell of blossoms and the warmth of Spring?

Was this your way of telling me to stick to the plan?

Ok, back to the basics. The tried and true. The 'ole pick-a-book-point-and-pick method to give you a word to write JUST 100 words on. This week's word is from, The Great Gatsby:


Go forth word-nerds.