100 Words Writing Prompt #326 - It's National Poetry Month

100 Word Challenge writing promptHey word-nerds, I hope you all know that April is National Poetry Month. I looked for one article or post I could share with you that would sum it up, but there was too much. Instead I'll just direct you to the Poetry Foundation where you can read as little or as much as you please about it, and browse some poetry while you're at it.

I have a funny relationship to poetry. I like to hear it read, especially if it's read by the author, and even more so if the author has a sultry or gritty voice. But in most cases I'd prefer a painful and unnecessary medical procedure to reading a book of poetry. There are exception of course. Mary Oliver, Laurie Ann Guerrero, Adrienne Rich, or Galway Kinnell to name a few.

Kinnell is from my homeland Vermont, and I had the pleasure of hearing him read at a local venue at a time when I was distinctly and helplessly in love.

He read, among other poems, The Perch, and it hummed in my body for days, months, years. Here's an excerpt:

I looked to see if my friend had heard, but she was stepping about on her skis, studying the trees, smiling to herself, her lips still filled, for all we had drained them, with hundreds and thousands of kisses.

Forgive the formatting problems. My Wordpress theme doesn't like poetry and wants to put enormous spaces between lines. The entire poem, properly formatted, can be found here. And the word this week, from the same poem, is:


P.S.  I apologize for not making the rounds to all your posts last week, but my computer was in the shop until a couple nights ago. Been playing mad catch up on all things since.