100 Words Writing Prompt #322

100 Words ChallengeSince my last post, I saw a friend debut her book of poetry, saw her read at Yale, and had dinner afterward with her, other amazing alum sisters, and some of the students who came to hear her read. Good food, wine, amazing conversations, and buckets of fun that lasted far into the night (the next morning if you want to get technical).

Then I found out I was invited to a small networking event with Queen Latifah.

I'm gonna let you sit on that for a few seconds while I scream into a pillow.

Then my amazing friends helped me come up with the funds to actually GO.

If things couldn't get better, I was also asked to coach someone to write their book, and this will now be my second book coaching project. I'm honored to help people in this process of giving birth to their ideas.

And it all wrapped up last night with another gathering of my alum sisters, more good food, more wine, more laughter and amazing conversations.

I'm writing this all so fast that I'm not doing justice to the tremendous power that just blew through my life. Gah! It's all coming out like high school babble over prom. I just want to get the prompt out to you. This week's word is from (of course it HAS to be) A Tongue in the Mouth of the Dying (The Andres Montoya Poetry Prize), by Laurie Ann Guerrero:


P.S. You should buy this book. It needs to be in your poetry collection. I'm in the acknowledgements, so you might even figure out who the woman is behind Velvet Verbosity. But ha! The acknowledgements are three pages long!

P.P.S. I just want to take a second to properly give respect to whatever forces aligned this last week, because it was so good I'm a little scared that next week might decide to kick my ass just to keep me humble and balanced.

P.P.P.S. I'm a day late, so YOU get an extra day for 100 word goodness. The challenge is open until Sunday!