100 Words Writing Prompt #320

100 Word Challenge writing promptI hate writing in a rush. Or rather, I don't like my rushed writing "voice", but a friend posted about a local book reading and I spontaneously decided to go. Mostly because I really needed to shower and get out of my pajamas, and committing to going out in public is the only way that was going to happen today. So now it's 10:30 p.m. and I can feel y'all on the other end of the wires, waiting.

So last week was a bit of a shit-storm, and thank you, thank you for all your kind words and support. It meant a lot. Life is an interesting ride of ups and downs, and its kind of nice to know when you look to either side that there are others on that same ride, laughing, crying, screaming, white-knuckling, cheering, and making it through.

When I was at the Raleigh airport I sought out the used bookstore my sister had told me about. I need more books in my house like, well, this cartoon I saw today on From Tracie's Facebook page pretty much sums it up.


I bought two books. TWO. That made a total of four books in my carry-on. And a magazine. I need an intervention. Don't tell me to get a Kindle either, because I already have one. I need the paper, the smell, the heft of a book.

I read one of the books nearly in its entirety just while sitting around waiting for planes. It was junk, but it passed the time. The other book is one I've been meaning to get to for years. In high school I read the first book in Otherland, a dense sci-fi thriller about virtual reality. It occurred to me to look for the second book in the airport used bookstore, and they had it. Why I thought of this book while in Raleigh? Beats me, but it's about time.

Your word this week from Otherland Volume Two: River of Blue Fire, is:


as in the temples on either side of your head, not the religious kind. 

Now, off to read and comment on those of you I didn't get to from last week yet. Oh, and P.S. if I'm not commenting on your posts, it's because you don't have a comment option enabled that I can use. This only happens with those of you using Blogger who have the Anonymous and Name/URL option turned off. 

 See you soon word-nerds.