100 Words - Week 319

100 Word Challenge writing promptLaying in a hotel bed in Philadelphia. My connecting flight was cancelled, along with 11 other flights (at my last count of the departures board) for "field problems" which could be air traffic and/or weather. No specific details were offered. Which, apparently, is common for the Philadelphia airport according to Yelp users.

What's also common to the Philadelphia airport, and/or U.S. Airways, is rudeness. Rude employees, rude passengers. Seriously, they drink the mean juice. But the pilots, at least the two I witnessed, were out-of-their-way polite. So that's something.

Live and learn.

I didn't have much choice, given the short notice, of where I flew out of, or who with, but I'll walk to/from Philly before I'll ever fly out of there again. And U.S. Airways? Loved your pilots, but the rest of your staff need to attend This-is-How-You-Treat-Human-Beings Boot Camp. And until I see their diplomas hanging from a lanyard around their necks I won't be flying with you again.

End rant.

I'm just tired and homesick and sad about rudeness after rudeness while travelling to mourn the loss of someone so beautifully kind

Kindness is free, so give it freely. Really, everything tastes better with kindness.

The highlight of my trip was discovering a used bookstore in the Raleigh airport. I bought a sci-fi novel by Tad Williams, the second in the Otherland series which I started when I was 16 and never got back to. The word from that book is: