100 Words - New Year, New Word

And then it was 2013. I celebrated the first day of the New Year by lolling in bed until early afternoon. There are so few days anymore when there is no place to be, nothing that needs doing now, no demands to be filled, and no person needing something from me.

I seized the day, folks! I squeezed every last drop of delicious relaxation out of this morning, happily watching the sun move across the room from under the covers, and not an ounce of guilt.

View from a bed


Dresser Sunlight

Until at last, hunger got the best of me. A quiet kitchen, golden eggs, left over red potatoes co-mingling with onions, garlic, and herbs atop flame and cast iron. The cats weaving around my legs hoping to catch a break, and Mr. Verbosity emerging from upper chambers, led by his nose to the kitchen.

Brunch CollageAfter our simple brunch, Mr. V made a fire so I could continue with the lolling. It feels natural, right, and good to welcome in the New Year this way, without fanfare or adding obligations in the form of resolutions to the never-ending list of "to-dos" and "shoulds".

Fire place

Sitting by the fire I decided to go through some holiday photos. Here are a few favorites.

Simmering Natural PotpourriHomemade potpourri - tangerine slices, fresh cranberries, cloves, and allspice nuggets set to simmer all day on the stove.

Oranges and ClovesOranges and cloves, and beautiful pears gifted to us.

Christmas Tree

Our tree.

Snowy DayNot quite in time for Christmas, but we got lots of delightful snow the day after.

The holidays are over now, just some garland left on the railing I couldn't bear to take down. The house feels quiet. I suppose it is resting just like me after all the guests and the lights and the noise.

Welcome to a New Year word-nerdlings. I can't wait to see what's in store. For now, a new word from a little vintage treasure, Woodland Book by Elmer Ransom:


*Elmer was referring to the redheaded woodpecker, of course, but you can do what you will with it.