100 Words - An Anniversary of Sorts

100 Word Challenge writing promptWelcome back word-nerdlings! Again, apologies for the lateness of the prompt this week.

I had this realization the other day that the 100 word challenge on Velvet Verbosity started around this time several years ago. Trouble is, I can't remember what year, and that original blog is long gone now. I think it was possibly 2006, and since that's my best guess, I'm sticking to it.

So holy crap you guys, SIX YEARS! Just one more year before you all start getting itchy and run off with a new and shiny writing prompt. ;D

Anyway, thanks for coming back week after week. Thanks for the many hundreds of words you've submitted. Thanks for digging deep with me, making me laugh, shudder, and weep. I've really grown fond of all of you.

I'm into the thick of Christmas Spirit over here at the Verbosity household. We went to our favorite tree farm, trekked through snowy woods, and came home with the sweetest tree ever. Presents are piling up, holiday music is being played, hot chocolate is being sweetened with peppermint candies and cupped in hands, the fire has been crackling, cards have been sent, and the lights are all hung.

Little Man meets a snowman.

North Pole Sign

I like a little cheese with my Christmas tree farms.

You could be blindfolded and still walk out with a perfect tree.

We love our traditions. We do.

Personal touches of whimsy.

Somewhere in this house I have a Charles Dickens Christmas book, but we have a guest staying and it must be up on the third floor where he's sleeping. I had to settle for Oliver Twist. The word is: