Trifecta Anniversary Mash-up Part Deux!

Welcome word-nerdlings, and "Team B", to the second half of (cue deep baritone voice-over) The Great Trifecta Anniversary Writing Challenge Mash-up!

In case you missed the news, Trifecta Writing Challenge is celebrating one year of most excellent writing prompts, and they asked me if I wanted to team up for a writing challenge twist to help them celebrate.

(Side rant - this reminds me that I keep NO track of when the blogaversary is for Velvet Verbosity. Crazy.)

SO, details. First, if you still don't know what the heck is going on, you should read the original post over at Trifecta. Second, if you had to click that link to find out what was going on you're probably a bit dismayed to learn that you missed the boat on signing up to be part of a writing team and now you're sitting on the bleachers. (Boo. Hisss.) Not to worry my dear word-nerds, you may not have a chance to win anything, but I'll find a way for you to play along by the end of this post.


(If this is your first time visiting Velvet Verbosity, welcome to my humble blog-abode.)

As a reminder, here are the teams:

  1. Team One
    1. Allison
    2. Draug
  2. Team Two
    1. Lou Lohman
    2. Hypothetically Writing
  3. Team Three
    1. BCIJo (AkaJoanne Edith)
    2. Thin spiral notebook
  4.  Team Four
    1. RogRites (aka BetaRules)
    2. Kat
  5. Team Five
    1. Julia Staley
    2. Natalie Amatera
  6. Team Six
    1. Tania Allen--My Words Are Alive
    2. Kgwaite
  7. Team Seven
    1. Uneven Steven
    2. Melanie
  8. Team Eight
    1. Christine
    2. Jester Queen
  9. Team Nine
    1. Whispatory (Jennifer)
    2. Scholarly Scribe
  10. Team Ten
    1. Renada
    2. Kymm In Barcelona
  11. Team Eleven
    1. Barbara
    2. Kirsten
  12. Team Twelve
    1. Lance
    2. Deana
  13. Team Thirteen
    1. NRHatch
    2. JannaT
  14. Team Fourteen
    1. Lumdog
    2. Gina
  15. Team Fifteen
    1. Mel (ATM)
    2. Michelle (ODNT)

AND here's a link to the original linkz sign-up in case you forgot where to find your team-mate or don't recognize who they are.

AND here again is the link to the starting prompt post where you can remind yourself of the rules, and find the link to your "A" team members post.

YOUR job now is to finish the story in 33-100 words (I won't lie, I'll be tickled if you do it in 100). The original prompt was:

Charts and optimal dates and preferential temperatures. One line or two. As if she could summon whatever it is that makes up the human soul as easily as she could a cab on a busy New York avenue.

Your "A" team member will have continued their portion of the story, and you pick it up from there to finish it off, and then link it below.

*Helpful Tip: When choosing text for your link-up, it's helpful if you list what team number you are. Example: "[Your Name] Team [#] Member [A or B]". You don't have to do it like this but, you know, everyone's sanity.

For Non Team Members

Still want to write your 100 words this week even if you don't get to play on a team? Go ahead and either write 100 words in response to the paragraph prompt above, OR ANY WORD you choose from it. LINK UP IN COMMENTS instead of using the Linky Tool which is for previously signed-up players in the mash-up team challenge.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Love it? Hate it? Let me know in comments.

Whatever you do, Write On.