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100 Word Challenge writing promptHold on to your keyboards word-nerdlings, because this writing filled month is about to go up a notch or two. In case you haven't heard the news, Velvet Verbosity and Trifecta are teaming up this week to help Trifecta celebrate their first anniversary.

So you've got NaNoWriMo (if you're that crazy, and I know at least half of y'all are definitely that crazy), the weekly scheduled 100 word challenge, and a tag-team assignment with Trifecta.

First the Details on the Trifecta Anniversary Mashup Challenge

From November 12 to November 16, Trifecta and 100 Words are working together to bring you a celebratory challenge with a twist. Writers who are interested in participating must sign up in the linkz list below by entering a link to your home page.

Signup will close on Friday, November 9. Challenge editors will then randomly group you into teams of two. (If you have a preference of who you’d like to work with, you can enter that person’s homepage in the space provided. We will make every attempt to pair you up accordingly. Those who don’t choose a partner will be assigned one randomly.)

The challenge opens November 12 (put it in your calendar), with a writing prompt on the Trifecta home site. On that post, you will find your name and the name of the team member you will be working with. One of you will be marked as Member A and one as Member B. On November 12, Member A will write a response to the prompt, linking up by midnight Tuesday night (US Eastern time). At that time, the linkz will close and the baton will be passed to Member B. A new linkz will appear on 100 Words (OR ON TRIFECTA) and member B must complete the story in 100 words by Thursday morning at 7 am (Eastern). At that time, the challenge will close and entries will be judged by both 100 Words and Trifecta editors. Winners will be announced in Trifecta’s regularly-scheduled post on Friday morning (US time). The first place team will win the product of their choice from Trifecta’s Tricerashops.

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