100 Words in the Aftermath

100 Word Challenge writing promptWord-nerdlings, I've been virtually storm chasing Hurricane Sandy for days, and by last night I was glued so tight to my computer screen you couldn't have pried me off with the Jaws of Life. The only time I stopped watching live news coverage, following tweets, and texting my loved ones was to bake cookies and clean.

I assure you, I'm not that domestic.

Cleaning is what I do when I can't react outwardly to something that's knotting me up inside. That energy needs to go somewhere fast. Sandy was so incomprehensibly big, so incomprehensibly in the wrong damn place for her nature, so incomprehensibly close to people I love, so incomprehensibly a clear sign of things we keep choosing to ignore, and so incomprehensibly powerful against all our best defenses that I just couldn't wrap my brain around her.

So I cleaned. And baked. And watched more nutso reporters get beat up on camera by winds and rain really hoping I wasn't about to witness an on live camera tragedy.

I'm still pretty boggled. Everyone I know on the East Coast is safe, even if some are without power. Nearly every one of them dazed and awed and sorting out what this aftermath means for them personally, for their neighborhoods, and on the larger grand scale of things.

Sorry if this feels way off track for you, but my mind stalled somewhere around land-fall last night and hasn't budged since. Never mind that this is the third destructive storm in a year that has hit close to home. Places these kinds of storms are not supposed to hit.

Yet, here you are you sweet crew of dogged bloggers and writers. Many of you are standing on the edge of a different kind of storm - a fury of fingers on keys for National Novel Writing Month. Just one more day stands between you and the crazy. I haven't committed yet as there are some exciting developments in my life I may need to attend to, though I'm ready to go as far as time will allow.

Use this word to start your novel, add to it, or as an outside exercise to get your juices flowing. You know the deal, drop and give me 100 on:


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