Write 100 Words, but First Do the Dishes

100 Word Challenge writing promptHave you noticed the steady trickle of new-comers around these parts? I hope y'all are welcoming them to the 100-Word Army with gusto. I think I've made most of my rounds but I'll be checking to see who I missed right after I get this posted.

We had a busy weekend around the house. A typical kind of "house busy" weekend full of chores and shared moments. The kind of weekend that reminds me that sometimes getting down to the domestic can be lovely, grounding, and refreshing. I looked up quotes about doing dishes because someone, somewhere said something about, "first do the dishes" in relation to wanting to do grand things. The only thing that search turned up were some hip-hop lyrics, and I'm pretty sure I would remember if the quote was, "be a ho, but first do the dishes".

Yeah, that wasn't the quote I was looking for. As a side bonus I did find that Agatha Christie said, "The best time to plan a book is while you're doing the dishes." Good to take note of if you're one of those lunatics who plans to participate in NaNoWriMo. And by lunatic, I mean one of those people who manages to stay disciplined and not have hard drives fry up, or have huge life upheavals right in the middle of all the excitement.

This is all just me looking for ways to finesse the domestic parts of life so that those routines don't feel so...routine. Less routine and more this.

Rafael De Penagos

Which? The first time I saw this I thought the cat was blowing bubbles, but alas she is only cleaning her paw, her own domestic chore. I found this illustration last week and fell instantly in love. It's by the Spanish illustrator Rafael De Penagos, and was commissioned by a perfume company.

This theme of finding the beautiful in the mundane, the twinkle in the routine, the beauty in doing the dishes - well, you probably know by now where this is going. This week write a piece involving doing dishes. Show me just how interesting this chore could be.

Doing the Dishes