100 Words and the Open Road

100 Word Challenge August 27, 2012Another week of guests, and while the company itself is enjoyable -- the sharing of a glass of wine, exchanging bits and odds about our lives, laughing together -- I've realized a side benefit of a tidy house. We introverts stay so much in our heads that we can walk past that growing pile of odds and ends for weeks without noticing. Even as it starts leaning dangerously. Even if there are overdue library books in that pile. Even if one has to navigate around it. The guests are keeping those piles from forming.

This weekend the Mr. was out. Daughter and I have a long history of spontaneous road trips and we seized the opportunity. We hit the road around 2:00 in the afternoon. We got a bit lost, which is actually the goal, and found ourselves on a back road in Vermont that when I finally succumbed to the smartphone map revealed itself to be long and without any connecting roads.

We saw cows and a broken down Volvo on the lawn of a farm, fishers and kayakers and bikers, and beautiful landscapes such as only Vermont can create. Back in civilization we hit a local attraction candle and Christmas shop where we explored like wide-eyed children.

Santa soldiers

Old time lollipops

 Tin car

I'm putting that Spiral Race Car on my Christmas list. I promise Santa, I've been as good as I can be this year.

Being thus inspired by my recent on-the-road shenanigans, this week's challenge is to write 100 words about a road trip -- a dialogue between characters while stuck in the car together, a dramatic wrong turn, whatever you like. You can use the phrase if you want, but I think it better to simply let this take your writing where it will:

Road Trip