100 Words and Post-Camp Compression

100 Word Challenge August 15, 2012Have you ever had one of those weeks where you've just come home from a camp at a meditation center that felt like a blissful meat grinder (yeah, I'm contemplating that one too), and every piece of clothing you own is damp and dirty from camp but you have an interview first thing the next morning for a job you really really want, and all the beings you left behind while at camp are aching for some of your attention so you've got to carve out extra quality time to re-bond, and then you're supposed to do some work but a whole 10 days without technology felt like some kind of freedom so you're not really sure you want to touch the phone or the computer, and then a friend from college contacts you to say, "hey, I'll be in town, let's get together" so you drink lemonade and talk and hike and eat at the local organic burger joint, and then your daughter reminds you that her financial aid paperwork needs to get done and you've got to dig up records and papers that haven't yet been properly filed since moving to the new house five months ago, and once you've gotten yourself elbow deep in papers you decide you might as well go through it all and file it which takes all of one night and into the next day, and you're still trying not to think about the fact that it's now been three whole days since you're interview and you've not heard anything so you go to the movies, and then the week is nearly over and you still haven't written a blog post for your favorite word-nerd crew, and you sit down to write it and you get as far as the the title but your daughter informs you the toilet is clogged, and you realize you don't own a plunger so you run off to the grocery store before they close, and as you walk out of the store - shiny new plunger in hand - a young couple is just taking off on their scooter under navy clouds and you think, "life's alright", and you smile as you drive home, and then you realize you're missing some of your favorite people so you reach out and one reaches right back and you spend three hours on the phone, and then it's midnight which means it's now Friday and that's it, the crazy week is over and you still haven't written that blog post?

Oh you have? Good, then I don't need to explain. I'll just give you a word from Of Woman Born by Adrienne Rich.


This one is open until Sunday, midnight. Go forth and write.