100 Word Challenge Brought to You by a Limp Rag Introvert

100 Word Challenge July 29, 2012Oh word-nerds, I am tired. Tired right down to my soul bones. From Wednesday on I've been together with family and then friends. First a little getaway to a lake in NH with Mr. Verbosity's family, and then a mini college reunion of sorts at my house. In case you missed it, I'm an introvert. And by introvert I mean that for every 1 hour with people I need 4 hours to myself.

Except at work. People on the job apparently don't drain me.

Anyway, I'll only embarrass myself by babbling if I write much more. I'm already draped across my pillow blinking stupidly at the screen. But not so tired that I'm not going to throw a new twist at you this week. Instead of a one word prompt, write a descriptive piece about being utterly drained, tired, exhausted, [insert other synonyms for tired here]. In 100 words of course. 

I'll go back to the one word format next week. Speaking of next week, I'm leaving Thursday for a 10 day family camp I and my daughter attend every summer in the green mountains of Vermont. We've lost count of how many years this summer makes for us. Internet service (not to mention my time) is very limited so I may not be able to post next week, or even tell you I can't. So if all is silent next Sunday, I'll be back the week after.

P.S. I'm hitting publish and will set up linkytool tomorrow. Sleep. Sleeeeeep. Need. Now.