100 Words and Opening Shop

"Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good." I need to have this tattooed to my forehead. Or record it and make it my ring-tone. Anything to remind me that "done is better than good perfect". I stalled and stalled on opening the Etsy shop I was so excited about because I didn't have good enough photos, or the perfect shop header, or truck-loads of inventory.

I bit the bullet today and got the shop openwithout a header, with better photos than I had yesterday, and with one item. 

It's freeing to just dive in even when you don't have everything perfectly perfect. Better still, the inertia is unlocked and forward momentum begins.

100 Word Challenge July 8, 2012This week's word is brought to you by Tabby Cat and Kitty Cat Make Friends with Billy the Goat - one of the vintage books in my treasure chest that I pulled out today to contemplate where it goes next on its journey. The word is: