Down the Rabbit Hole

I recently rediscovered the Internet. Not that it exists, but that you can get lost in it, discover new things, and suddenly come up for air feeling a little hung-over and very unsure of what all your new discoveries actually mean in the grand scheme of things.

What else to do except share these discoveries?

I found Dear Friend through a long trail of links starting with a scathing article on the new "lifestyle bloggers" (sorry, I lost track of where that one was). Love the artwork, the blog design - something ineffable that speaks to me. Like this photo:

Through that same pathway I stumbled on Kinfolk - "a growing community of artists with a shared interest in small gatherings." Ok, so it's kind of in-your-face snobbery on one hand - on the other hand aren't we all deeply longing to get the hell off Twitter and out of "conventions" and get into each other's living-rooms and make some real friends? I work from home, it gets lonely.

Which is probably why I'm also in love with this textile letter project. That and I had already been thinking about returning to the art of letter writing. A year ago I collected a bunch of addresses from friends and every once in a while I send out something to one of them. The textile letter project makes me want to step that up. I just need to find more time, ha! Honestly, I don't know how you people do it.

Then there's N+1 magazine which is not actually new to me, but I had forgotten to check it in a while. Some really great essays coming out of there.

Lastly there's Street Anatomy for no particular reason except I love science and this merging of anatomy and pop culture is like candy to my brain.

This hardly represents everything my cursor touched in the last week. Just the high points folks.

Discovered anything good lately?