100 Words - A Room of My Own

100 Word Challenge June 17

First a little admin note - if you have a Google blog (blogger) and you don't have "anonymous" or "Name/URL" permissions for commenting, I can't leave a comment on your blog. Just know that I AM reading all your posts even if it's sometimes a week later.

Second, a little love note. I'm so thrilled to see so many familiar faces after my hiatus, and really loving meeting all the newcomers as well.

As I mentioned, we had our housewarming last weekend and I was finally able to at least unpack the writing room. It is still sorely in need of lots of personal touches and decor, but it's clean and it's mine (for however long it's mine) and I love it.

If you need me you know where I'll be. In the meantime, of course this week's word must come from Virgina Woolf's, "A Room of One's Own", from this paragraph:

So that when I ask you to earn money and have a room of your own, I am asking you to live in the presence of reality, an invigorating life, it would appear, whether one can impart it or not.