Vermont, a Manure Truck, and 100 Words

100 Word Challenge LogoWhew. I'm just back from Vermont to visit my mother and help her with Mother's Day in the flower shop. I drove up with my sister and within hours of arriving at my mother's a manure truck rumbled down the street. For some reason my sister thought this was hilarious. She jabbed at me and pointed her chin in the direction of the approaching manure truck. I think she thinks I'm much more cosmopolitan than I am. Or more sensitive. Or more judgy.

One of those. Or all of those.

The 80's CD we lip-synced and air-guitared to on the drive home was 10 times more impressive than a truck pulling a tank full of sh*t.

I think I just aged myself. Let me distract you with a word prompt. Yes, look at the shiny!


(This prompt is off the giant box of fragile glassware that's sitting next to me. Yes, that's right - still unpacking.)