Backyard Wildlife and Some Updates

Purple Flower

The backyard at the new house seems to be the local wildlife refuge. We've got squirrels on squirrels of every variety - gray, black, and flying squirrels (in our attic too). Hawks, and crows, and birds of all colors and sizes. Three neighborhood Tom cats who I imagine come here for the hunting. A dog or two who leave steaming gifts behind them. Something that digs and burrows, and something that makes an eerie screeching noise late at night.

You'd think we lived in the woods, but in point of fact we live on a street with many houses and our backyard backs up to another street. But we do have a bit of land - a bit more than the other houses - and it is filled with tall trees and small bushes and sits high off the street. Plenty of privacy and space for the local flora and fauna.

As the squirrels nervously fuss over acorns I watch from the window, wondering how soon before I find one of them dismembered under a bush, having fallen victim to one of the three Toms.  Unless they kill each other first - the Toms that is. They like to fight, as Toms do, and though this is our yard I see them marking their territory against the stone wall that leads to a little patch of woods.

Tom Cat

I've updated the 100 Words page to reflect the upcoming return of the challenge, and I've added a blogroll of Word Nerd Alumnae. Make sure you're there. Still yet to do is to figure out what broke the archives, and get the LinkyTools subscription renewed.

And while working on a design for the Etsy shop I stumbled on, a new rival to Etsy. So I decided to throw a couple of things up on there (just a tease of what's to come) so you can check it out.