The Whole World Shrank

Is it seriously FRIDAY already?

I never meant for this week to get away from me like this, without even so much as an update on Twitter or Facebook for y'all. I'll be honest, I have been glued to the news, the social media networks, the Youtube, and in some cases to the street itself where the most important conversation in my lifetime is happening. A conversation about the state of our democracy.

Sometimes I tell people, "I have a soap-box and I'm not afraid to use it", but my silence here has been a reflection of not being able to separate from the sense of urgency about what's currently happening in our country as well as across the globe, but this not being the space to write about it. It wouldn't be right for what this space is about to suddenly turn it on its ear and mess with the focus of this particular community. Sometimes I tell myself I need another blog, but I already manage five (3 of my own).

In real-time I've never run into feeling the need to cordon off various quadrants of my "self". Internally there is no disparity between my creative self, my business self, my science-geek self, my political self, my philosophical self, my human rights self, etc. There's a synergy to all of it that works out, and it's all mainly fueled by a passion to examine and understand the human condition. It seems all my life I've been trying to deconstruct the mechanics of humans so that I might figure out how to best contribute to the bettering of conditions. It's a process. It involves a constant inter-disciplinary probing and discussing and thinking.

But here, online - I realize the internet just doesn't work that way. People don't come back to a site that isn't focused and consistent. And where I can't be solidly consistent, I can at least maintain the focus. Just understand it can be difficult for me. My mind doesn't naturally lean into separating things out - it wants to connect dots. I run three blogs because the internet needs me to only talk about one thing at a time within a space. And when none of these blogs can encompass what's hijacking my intellect at the moment - well, the airwaves go silent. But I don't.

This is just a long way for me to say that it's too late in the week now for a new challenge, so I'll post a new one on Monday (so long as I'm not crushed under a pig-pile of protestors over the weekend). I'm still very much in love with y'all.