Hacking Update

I am in a rush out the door, but I just got an email from Lou that Google told him the malware that was reported earlier is somehow in the 100 Word Challenge jpg. I'm not sure how that works, but DON'T GRAB ANY IMAGES FROM MY SITE until I can investigate further and fix anything. Google is still saying my site contains no malware (I checked as soon as I got Lou's email).

I'll update this evening.

Update Sep 22 12:47 P.M. If you've grabbed the 100 words jpg from my site anytime since August, I would advise you to remove it. I'm not positive that's the culprit, but right now all evidence looks that way. I'm running tests and have called in a favor with a techie friend. I'm about to contact support with my hosting company. More details soon.

Update Sep 22 1:19 P.M. Just off a support chat with Hostmonster. They are not seeing any reports of malware, and said it is unlikely that it would be embedded in an image. I've tested about half of the incoming images/links from all of your sites from last week and it is only linking from Lou's site that I can trigger the warning. Hostmonster said it may be a "false positive" having to do with how Lou linked to my site. I'm in communications with Lou to try to further narrow down how the problem was created, but so far Google and Hostmonster are reporting that the site itself is clean. I would still advise that you remove the 100 words image from your site for now. I will be replacing all the 100 words jpgs with a clean version from my hard-drive shortly. I apologize for any inconvenience this is causing anyone. This is like a nightmare where some malevolent spirit invades my right arm and starts punching people I love in the face.