Spammers Suck

Welcome to the "new" Velvet Verbosity site. Not sure yet if it will be temporary. As those of you who follow me on Twitter or Facebook know, my site was hacked and was sending out spam to people as well as causing some visitors to get a warning that the site was infected with malware (not to be confused with "mall wear"). Fun.

I had a live chat with support at Hostmonster and deleted all suspicious files, updated the part of my site with new code where the "hole" was, but then for good measure downloaded a new theme and upgraded the framework and deleted the old theme entirely from my files. I've checked with Google Webmaster Tools and the site has a clean bill of health there, and Hostmonster has removed all warnings.

Whew. Way over my head. I need to marry a web coding geek (preferably with dark tousled hair and big brown eyes), any takers?

I'll be back soon with a new 100 words prompt. First I need to go lay face-down on the bed for awhile.