100 Words - Next Time I Take a Hiatus

Next time I take a hiatus it will be for a vacation, I swear...

You know, rather than the forced down-time because my mind decided that everything needs to change. All. at. once. Job, where I live, how I relate to life, myself. Yep, the whole package.

I'm still in process so there's not really any news to report. I may need guest bloggers again and you can let me know in comments if you'd like a shot at it. Thank you so so much to all of those who've already been so gracious and kind to guest blog!

My pick for this week is the lovely Tinfoil Magnolia:

The Swing

She wrapped her legs around the rope and settled herself on the round seat. Her feet barely touched the ground as she pushed back and launched herself. The light breeze offered no resistance and she flew, high and long, over the green summer lawn.

Suddenly life was still for a moment. Caught in that millisecond of hangtime between flying up and falling down. The feeling made her giddy and lightheaded, then made her stomach lurch as she began the inevitable descent.

Years later she would remember that feeling, and wonder how to capture that perfect balance between flying and falling.

The new word is: