100 Words - Guest Post from Leisa LaDell

This week's guest post comes from Leisa LaDell over at Words are Little Gods (don't you just love that title?). Thank you again to all of you for volunteering to guest post while I'm on hiatus. It's so inspiring to know that this little army of word-nerds keeps chugging along in my absence. Take it away Leisa!

I'm proud for the opportunity to guest post for the 100 Word Challenge. The 100 Word Challenge gives writers a one word prompt each week, with the assignment to write a piece of exactly 100 words inspired by that word.

Just found the site recently, and am thrilled to have tapped into yet another well of word-crazed folk. The world last week was game. I continue to be surprised how just 100 words can create such an array of full and complete scenes and stories. But after reading all of them, the one that created an experience that lingered was over at Thin Spiral Notebook, with Ultimate Adventure.

It was billed as the the "Ultimate Hunting Adventure." He had tracked elk on horseback through chest-deep snow, had weathered violent squalls off the coast of Nova Scotia for ocean fowl, had slogged through piranha-infested rivers for trophy arapaima. Organizers promised this excursion would be all that and more.

The final hunt location and quarry were kept secret. Participants were given instructions on what gear to bring and boarding passes for a private jet. His excitement was palpable.

"Are you game," he was asked at check-in.

"I'm up for anything."

"No, I meant are you prey or predator?"

This week's word:


The nemesis of every artist, no one writes more eloquently about the challenge of resistance, or more exaltingly about the artist's call to overcome it than Steven Pressfield, in his seminal book: The War of Art.

Resist if you must, but write nonetheless.

~Leisa LaDell