100 Words - Guest Post from AuroraLee

While I'm on hiatus for a few weeks I've got some word-nerd guest posters keeping us going around here. This week's guest poster is AuroraLee. She sent me this post last night but I had already gone to bed -- early, I KNOW!  And then I had to seriously claw my way to the computer several times only to be interrupted with an "I need" and here it is almost midnight. Sorry Aurora's Father's Day wishes are late, but they are heartfelt all the same, and I second them.


Happy Father's Day!! I hope all the day, for all our dads reading this was... Perfect.

Speaking of 'perfection', let's get to the week in 100 Words.


Perfect crimes. Perfect humour. Perfect sadness. Perfect days.

Striving for perfection.

That's what we all hoped for this week - every week! And we all did so well! As always I enjoyed reading everyone's pieces and commented where I could.

There were several pieces I loved, but in the end my pick of the week is Karin with an I with "Just Write". She puts into words something that all of us writers struggle with from time to time (or all the time?).

Just Write

With a frustrated sigh, she threw the crumpled sheet of paper onto the floor. It landed on top of a mountain of discarded sheets, wrinkled and smooshed into balls. The thoughts sounded right in her head, but became a jumble of black scratches on a white background.

"This shouldn't be so difficult," she thought, her head dropping into her folded arms on the desk. She lifted her head, shook the tangled, blonde curls out of her face and blew out a deep breath. Stretching her fingers, she let go of her need for perfection and let the words write themselves.

This week's word is....


The word is inspired by George R. R. Martin's Game of Thrones. I just finished watching the season finale of the HBO adaptation of the book. As I said on Twitter: Awesome. Not as awesome as the book of course. You should read it. Or at least use this word in your pieces this week!

Thank you to Velvet for the opportunity to help out this week! It was a blast. If only my Sunday cooperated more but don't we all have that issue all the time?

Good luck for the coming week!