The Artist's Way - Week Three


This is zipping by and I'm afraid my check-in is going to be weak this week. Good thing I have you all to be accountable to. I've got to ratchet things back up because I really really do want to give my all to these 12 weeks.


The check-in can be as simple as you need it to be. In week two the author advises us to NOT share our morning pages with anyone as it can be an unconscious form of self-sabotage (seems about right), and likewise be careful what you share in your check-in. Anything that might open yourself up to criticism or ridicule or even well-meaning advice should be kept close to you. I'm thinking that we can share more thoroughly at the end of 12 weeks. I'm also open to ideas to check-in with each other throughout the week to keep us motivated. Are you all on Twitter?

1. How many days did you do the morning pages? How is this experience going for you?

2. Did you do your artist date this week? What did you do (if you want to share) and how did it feel (again, if you want to share)?

3. Were there any other issues this week that you consider significant for your recovery? Describe them (as much as you're comfortable with).

I totally flopped on morning pages this week. Every day I would have the intention to do them, think about doing them, and then put it off. Clearly I have a resistance to doing them so this week it will be my top priority above other tasks. My artist date was also weak this week. I cheated and combined it with something else. The biggest issue that came up this week is how hard it is for me to commit to things. I resist schedules and I've never really understood why. The feelings that come up are ones of resentment. biggest task in my artist recovery this week is to stick to a minimal schedule around this.

Week 3 - Let's Rock it!

I'm going to read chapter 3 tonight after publishing this post. I'm looking forward to it and to ramp up the motivation to dive deep going into week 3. How's it going for you?