100 Words 5/10/11

Speaking of Family

Ours seems to be growing! Almost two hours of reading and commenting before I could even begin to write this post.

For those that didn't hear through other channels, I had a couple days of a nasty Spring cold. I ate chicken soup with my special blend of "get well" spices, and slept a lot. Works like a charm nearly every time. But when I saw all the visits here over the last couple of days, I realized some of you might not have heard that the posts were delayed. I generally post to Facebook or Twitter if there's a hold-up, so be sure to check those "channels" for news.

Lots of newcomers this week, which I'm thrilled about! I just hope that we can keep the intimate feel we've had going on here. Please remember to show each other blog-love with comments.

My pick from last week is newcomer "la fleur". Such a sweet, grounded rendering of "family".

Kitchen Dance

The syncopated bursts of laughter compete with the rhythm of her knife. Chop, sauté, simmer, spice. She loves listening to the retold stories the best, the comfort of favorites filling her up as she fills up the pot with stock and stewed tomatoes. Weaving between listeners, her dance builds layers of flavors, future memories.

The spoon scrapes the bottom of the pot in the silence, the last of the gumbo greedily filling one last bowl. All around the room glazed looks and satisfied smiles meet her searching eyes. No hunger here. No hurt now.

The scent of spices lingers. Loved.

Last week I went to my favorite used bookstore, an renovated rambling mill, and poked around. I came upon The Forgetting Room, which I recommend especially if you're also taking The Artist's Way challenge. It's an inspiring mystery filled with art, short to read, and somehow returns one to a feeling of the childlike creativity we too often lose touch with. I'm going to do something a little different this time and pull the word from the title.