100 Words -

Off to the City

Tomorrow morning I have to be up bright and early to head to New York for a conference. I've been invited to see the unveiling of a new product in my industry. It's a bit last minute, and with the little time I had to make the decision I've been waffling. So this post is a temporary stand-in for a full post. Just enough to get you rolling on the new word. I'll update the post tomorrow night with the full post, including my pick of the week.


"Now him. he came high-railing in there like some blond Paul McCarney, sittin gon the desk in his tight jeans and his clean shirt sleeves rolled up just so, with the cuffs turned in. He made our country boys look like the hand-me-down socks Mama brought home, all full of their darns and mends. Hughes Walter was no Kentucky boy. He was from out of state, from some city college up north, which was why, everyone presumed, his name was backwards." ~from The Bean Trees by Barbara Kingsolver