100 Words - Ample Love

Signs of Spring

And not a moment too soon. I may have wished for snow, but that was back in December. And I NEVER wished for endless gray and cold. On a walk today I saw a bulb pushing up through the brush, and a lone green bud reaching up toward the sky. Next will come the smells of thawing soil and the first trickles of streams coming down the surrounding mountains.

And I. can't. wait.

My pick this week is from Tinfoil Magnolia with this touching piece.

She stood before him exposed, allowing him to see what would normally be skillfully camouflaged. A lifetime of being ashamed of her ample body caused her to tremble and bow her head, aware of his scrutinizing gaze. But the look on his face was worshipful as his glance swept her from head to toe.

“You're so sexy,” he whispered.

As he reached out a hand to caress her face, pushing a strand of hair from her cheek, she realized she could trust him. She raised her eyes to meet his, a soft smile touched her lips. What was that feeling?


The word this week is from William Carlos Williams : A Collection of Critical Essays which appears to be out of print.


"William Carlos Williams objects to urbanity--to sleek and natty effects--and this is a good sign if not always a good thing. Yet usually nothing could better the dashing shrewdness of the pattern as he develops it and cuts it off at the acutely right point."